Susan's Vision for Shoreline

A Place We're Proud to Call Home

  • Vibrant business districts along Aurora Ave and neighborhood centers
  • Acquisition of new land for parks and maintenance of existing parks
  • Safe neighborhoods with exemplary police and fire protection

A City Government that Focuses on the Basics

  • A sustainable, balanced city budget
  • Economic development to promote restaurant and retail growth
  • Mitigation of city-wide growth and traffic issues, particularly in rezoned Station Areas and Aurora Square, so that residents can enjoy the benefits of new and revived business districts
  • Pedestrian safety, including sidewalks and bike lanes
  • Preservation of the City's tree canopy through retention, replacement, and reasonable regulation

A City that Encourages Involvement by Residents and Businesses

  • Plain language summaries or descriptions of what proposed City ordinances might mean for you
  • Work to heal the rifts caused by the rezones of the 185th and 145th Station Areas

A City that Participates in Solutions to Regional Problems

  • Work with regional partners on affordable housing solutions
  • Support temporary encampments on properties owned by churches and religious organizations